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Christmas Thank You Cards

Christmas Cards

Have you ever thought about printable Christmas thank you cards? Their prominence has kept on rising in the past few years indicates how people value them. Often sent as Christmas greetings, these cards have proven to be a perfect way to convey different sentiments too.

Interestingly, we have multiple types of Christmas thank you cards you could consider sending. With multiple options at your disposal, choosing a more appealing card will be hassle-free. It is in this regard that we take a look at the different cards you might want to pick.

Popup Card

Usually, these cards tend to pop up whenever the reader opens them. Ideally, various images will pop from the center of the card once opened, giving the reader a sense of satisfaction. With these cards, it will be easier for you to include different images that highlight various sentiments. It will suffice to mention that these images usually come at the bottom of the card as well.

Standard Fold Card

This type of Christmas card is one of the most prominent ones you will get around. It is not only basic but involves the least of skills to make. With this type of card, all you need to do is to fold your single paper into two halves, which could be either horizontally or vertically. The result of this folding is usually a rectangular card shape.

Square Fold

Are you a fan of squares? This fold bears significant similarities with the standard one. The only difference is that the panel here will come out as a square. It will suffice to mention that this card is from one sheet of the card too.

Gatefold Card

You can hardly ignore the elegance and beauty that comes with this card. This fold comes with a pair of gates that part in the middle. Ideally, it comes with three panels and two distinct folds. Each of these folds creates a flap that will then meet at the center.


Closely similar to the gatefold fold is the trifold. It is relatively straightforward to create this beautiful card, as there will be minimal need for extra materials to go to its base. Here, you will fold the sheet into three distinct panels, which need to be not only precise but also on top of each other.

Shaker Card

This card features a small window at the front. It will also involve folding the sheet once, which creates two panels. In pursuit of more beauty, feel free to add embellishment or glitter on this window. Acetate will come in handy in sealing this glitter to your panel. Remember, it is relatively akin to the standard card, only that it is more elegant.


From connecting different family members to building relationships, Christmas cards are all that you could ever need. With the types mentioned above, it will be a lot easier to pick the right one for your friends and family.

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