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When it comes to home decoration, usually everyone goes for the same or similar ideas. When we think of interior design, glass isn’t really the first material that comes to mind. It is more like wood, steel or something along those lines of thinking. When you really think about it, there is no real reason not to consider glass as one of the primary materials for interior design and decoration, except for some misleading, stereotypical misconceptions. One of those misconceptions is that glass is fragile; another is that glass is hard to preserve and clean.

The truth of it all is that there are many, many types of glass out there and each was designed for a specific purpose, with specific features. Before you cast a stone into the glass, you should really do your research and see what kind of punishment certain types of glass can take. We have all heard about bulletproof glass. Can there be a more obvious proof of its durability? There are about 40 different kinds of glass, suited for almost every need an interior designer can have. Ok, so we managed to explain that there are no real downfalls to picking glass as your primary material for interior design, but what are the benefits?

First of all, glass is very flexible as a material and it can fit in subtly almost everywhere. The popularity of glass in home design is on the rise lately, so if you chose to use it in your home modification, you can be sure that you are up to date with the latest trends. It is really no wonder that more and more people use glass to decorate their homes when we look at some of those homes and realize how modern and stylish they are. When well placed, in a carefully designed environment, glass can create a breathtaking ambiance by reflecting light. This reflection can have that artistic and mood altering purpose or it can simply help improve the all-around home illumination. Glass can be very versatile and here are some ideas on how you can use it.

Glass Floors

Glass floors are usually found in corporate buildings and elevators, but they can also be used in some sections of your apartment or house. You can use glass floors for your terrace or you can make the stairs from glass. Glass floors provoke a rush of adrenaline since we all have the impression of walking on something fragile and the transparency doesn’t help either. Still, this isn’t a bad thing. People love this irrational feeling of danger when they know they are perfectly safe from any harm.

Glass Sculptures & Figures

Glass Art Sculpture Angel

It is amazing what people can do with glass these days. Sculptures and figurines of all shapes and sizes are done in particular styles, too. They can be transparent or done in color so as to fit a particular composition. The color can also be semi-transparent, so when the sculpture is hit by light it reflects the colors it was painted in. You can find many of these sculptures and figurines in all kinds of shops that deal with decorative items. Many artists use glass as their material of choice for creating sculptures that are very original, so if you are interested, you can look them up and see whether you like what they do. Who knows, you might end up buying a sculpture that will bring some of that artistic spirit into your home.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass Tiles Mosaic

First of all, mosaic tiles are a great idea since they give you a lot of space for creativity. Glass mosaic tiles are a great solution for almost any room since they come in a variety of styles and colors. They can be combined with tiles made from other materials. Decorating your walls with them will never be a bad choice, since they are durable and easy to clean. You can find a bunch of patterns you can use to decorate your walls with glass tiles, along with instructions on how to set them up and even instructions on how to make your own patterns. So here is your chance to get creative and add some originality to your walls.

Glass furniture

Glass Table Furniture

If you are going for glass, why not go all the way. It might sound weird but you can buy almost any type of furniture made of glass. Now, coffee tables are a standard thing. Bookshelves made of glass for example were a new thing for me, chairs also, along with dining tables too. What really blew me away was a bed made of glass, with a standard mattress, of course, but still… A variety of shapes can be pulled off, thanks to the natural flexibility of glass while in production. That means that this furniture can have some extraordinary designs. Glass sinks, bathtubs and kitchen counters are also in demand. You can even get a glass toilet, if you want to.

Let’s do a little recap shall we? We have gone through the pros and cons of using glass as the main material for interior decoration and realized that there are really very few real cons when all is said and done. The variety of options glass offers due to its flexibility while in production, the durability it offers due to the technological advances and of course the sense of style brought by the whole shebang are reasons enough for me to say: “Go for it!”.

Hope you enjoyed our little article and best of luck with your home decoration projects.

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Danuta Smoluk is a teacher with over three decades of experience teaching both children and adults. She specializes in teaching the Polish language to English-speakers. She has a master's degree in primary and early childhood education from WSP Słupsk (currently Pomeranian University in Słupsk) and had her degree validated by University of Toronto. Aside from education, she also has an interest in real estate and home improvement. She has planned and supervised many house renovations. She loves interior design, cooking, and gardening.

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