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    Live with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Favorite Staff Moments in 2018

    On the popular morning talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan, the charming hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest create hilarious and heartwarming memories with celebrity guests and dedicated fans all year long. From attempting to beat a Guinness World Record to making fans’ dreams come true, Kelly and Ryan had a fantastic season in 2018. To celebrate the new year, the show’s staff shared the segments they loved the most as a fun walk down memory lane. Can you guess which clips came out on top? Here are the staff’s favorite moments that they thought stood out the most. Thanksgiving Week With memories of the holidays still fresh in…

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    The Seven Facts That Prove Adults Are Great Piano Students

    Have you ever heard William Beecher and John Bernstein’s performance? The bassoonist and pianist duo have taken the world by storm with their performances. The bassoonist hails from Long Island, so you might just catch a live performance soon. Finding jazz performances and R&B grooves on Long Island is easy. Music is always in the air and spotting a live event with internationally acclaimed musicians is always a possibility. After all, Long Island has been home to numerous celebrity musicians over the last couple of decades. Maybe you have always wanted to learn a musical instrument but never found the time. Research shows that over 82% of adults who have…

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    Things That Aid in the Process of Amazing Craft Creation

    Making different kinds of crafts can be a hobby, and many people indulge in this pastime as per one’s choice. Usually, kids enjoy art and craft activities a lot. Mothers also encourage their kids to be creative, and in the process, different kinds of craft or handworks are made. These crafts also help in honing the imaginative and creative skills of individuals. The easy availability of objects in shops might be purchased for decoration purposes, but the distinctiveness of a handmade craft can never be equated to a store-bought item. Understanding the importance and uniqueness of self-made crafts In one’s home each and every nook is decorated with the best…

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    4 Undeniable Benefits of Online Guitar Lessons

    Music is food for the soul. Music is a platform where creativity is opened to another level through writing. To many, good music depends on the genre you listen to. Different genres have different rhythms, and rhythms are dictated by the instruments used. The quality of sound produced will often determine how the music will be perceived. This probably means being a pro at the instrument you play. Music can be made using different instruments.

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    DJ Controllers That Fit Your Budget

    Looking for a DJ controller can be a difficult task. What makes it difficult is finding a DJ controller that fits in your budget. When it comes to the quality of a controller, you get what you pay for. Here are five controllers that will fit into your budget and are high in quality.

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    Mom, I’m Bored: Entertainment for a New Generation

    Almost every child has heard their parent say how much better everything was in their day. And almost every parent feels afraid because they don’t understand their children’s generation and they truly feel that things were easier and safer in their day. We have gone from children being able to play safely in the park with their friends to parents who have become afraid of their children being abducted; a very real fear. We have gone from children and teens socializing with one another to children and teens socializing on a screen, through social media. Gone are the days when children and teenagers were entertained through books; the rising epidemic…

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    How to Benefit from Tribal Jewelry

    At the first mention of the tribal jewelry, the first thing that gets in most people’s mind is tribalism. This is, however, a misconception. The use of the word tribal or ethnic is simply used to show which tribal is associated with something. The ethnic jewelry has absolutely nothing to do with tribalism. They are an old fashion trend that is gaining popularity across the global at an exceedingly high speed.

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    You Want to Read This Before You Buy a Banjo

    The banjo is among the most crucial instrumental aspects in American folk, Dixieland jazz, country, and bluegrass music. Mastering this instrument can provide lifelong fulfillment in addition to being quite fun to play. It’s not that difficult to produce its upbeat and expressive tones and a number of music genres benefit from the energy of the banjo’s percussive rhythms.

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    5 Portrait Photography Tricks for Stunning Portraits

    Photography is an art and art needs constant experimenting and polishing. Of the various styles of photography, let’s talk about portraiture. Portrait photography focuses on a person or a group of people and helps capture the personality of the subject. Gone are the days where the subject would look into the photographer’s camera and have only a serious monotonous expression captured. The new trend is to experiment when it comes to portrait photography. While the subject still remains the focus of the portrait, the background and other elements cannot be ignored entirely. Here we give you 5 photography tricks that has a seal of approval from reputed portrait photographers: 1.…