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Is Squirrel Girl The Most Powerful Superhero In The Marvel Universe?


Whether or not you are a comic book enthusiast, sure you have heard of the many goings-on of Marvel superheroes thanks to the current comic book film adaptations. With comic book films always on the minds of Hollywood executives, actors are now used to being asked by reporters if they would like to star in a DC or a Marvel film. Hollywood reporters can’t seem to get enough of this question.

For instance, this question was thrown at Pitch Perfect’s lead actress Anna Kendrick last year in an interview. The superhero Squirrel Girl eventually came out of her mouth after telling the interviewer that her brother sent her a Squirrel Girl comic because he thinks that she should play the role.

Unexpectedly, her reply gained some media attention. A lot of fans have petitioned Marvel Studios to cast Kendrick to play the superhero. Even some reputable directors like The Russo Brothers of Captain America: Civil War support and agree with the idea.

But, who is this Squirrel Girl really? Why has she suddenly become noteworthy? Why do a lot of fans claim that she is the most powerful superhero to grace the Marvel Universe?

Squirrel Girl origins

Despite the many adjectives that are attached to a lot of Marvel superheroes that we love, from the Amazing Spider-Man to the Incredible Hulk, only one superhero deserves the adjective ‘unbeatable’. And that is none other than the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

Squirrel Girl is officially deemed the unbeatable and most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe and for good reason.

Squirrel Girl was first introduced into the Marvel comic book world in the early 1990s. She was originally created as a comic relief from all the heavy drama that was dominating the pages of almost every 1990s comic book. She was deliberately created to look as stupid as possible. Moreover, she was depicted as only having useless powers that no other superhero would want to work with.

She first appeared in Marvel Super Heroes Vol. 2, #8, where she ambushed Iron Man in the forest in the hopes of impressing him and letting her be his sidekick. When he was captured by Dr. Doom, she eventually rescued him successfully by defeating Doom with the help of her trusted sidekick, Monkey Joe. Though Iron Man was impressed by her skills, he thinks that she was still too young (14 years old) to be his sidekick. So, they parted ways after telling her that the Avengers would give her call once she is old enough.

Squirrel Girl’s powers and abilities grow

Over time, her abilities and powers have grown into something more. Not only is she able to understand the squirrel language but also her reflexes, sense of smell, and vision have reached sky-high levels. She even demonstrated excellent hand-to-hand combat skills that resulted in her defeating the Wolverine in a no-claw one-on-one battle.

Aside from Dr. Doom and Wolverine, Squirrel Girl has also defeated major supervillains such as Galactus, Bi-Beast, and the Mad Titan Thanos himself. Yes, you got that last name right. Despite the Mad Titan’s claims that his clone was the only one that Squirrel Girl beat, Uatu the Watcher claims otherwise. Uatu confirms that there wasn’t any clone in the entire duration of the battle. (Some information is at

Keep in mind that each of these supervillains frequently comes into battle against a team of superheroes. And yet, Squirrel Girl was able to beat each of them all by herself. No Marvel superhero has yet surpassed this mind-blowing win record.

How does Squirrel Girl win?

So, how was she able to beat a number of superheroes and supervillains alike? The answer is quite simple, actually.

First, she thinks of more clever ways of making use of her practical powers. For example, she was able to beat Dr. Doom with the assistance of her squirrel friends. Second, knowing that Bi-Beast has two heads and thus two noses, she called on her squirrel friends and have them pick up garbage and throw it at the android. He had to, unfortunately, make use of both his hands to block the smell, and so, he was eventually defeated.

Second, with her lack of extravagant superpowers most superheroes possess, she is easily underestimated by friends and enemies alike. Now, being an underdog is not a bad thing. You should know that underdogs always win even though a lot of people think otherwise. Their traits that are considered disadvantages are actually not disadvantages at all.

Underdogs are capable of looking at things in a different perspective. Underdogs that win do not compete with the same standards and strategies as their enemies. They, instead, make use of different strategies that take advantage of the weaknesses of their stronger enemies.


If being an underdog is what made the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl the most powerful superhero in the history of Marvel Universe to date, then this is good news for you, me, and countless other underdogs. This gives us hope that no matter how challenging the battles we face, as long as we do our best and keep a positive mindset, then we are bound to rise victorious.

You just don’t know. Maybe you, another underdog, will become the next most powerful superhero to ever grace the Marvel Multiverse.

So, is there a possibility for a Squirrel Girl movie or TV series? Time will tell. But, as of the moment, it is highly unlikely. For the meantime, you can watch some of her fellow Marvel New Yorkers, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage.

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