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Weird Art Compilation

In the past, we have published a few articles about intriguing weird art on our sister blog called OddNews. You can find below a compilation of those posts:

Odd And Funny Garage DoorsOdd And Funny Garage Doors

These odd garage doors are 3D photo tarpaulins to style up your garage, offered by a German Company. They look deceptively realistic don’t they? Continue reading →

Odd No Eye-Contact GlassesOdd No Eye-Contact Glasses

They’re giving away these odd looking glasses at the Rotterdam Zoo to prevent eye-contact with the animals. Some animals, such as gorillas could respond aggressively if someone were to make eye-contact with them. Continue reading →

Some of the Geekiest GraffitiSome of the Geekiest Graffiti

Here are some of the geekiest graffiti ever seen. Some of them require at least a basic knowledge of programming to fully understand them, but others are pretty straight forward to anyone. Continue reading →

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