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4 Easy Ways to Print Reverse Text

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The use of reverse text is not new. Many notable writers used this method of writing. It ages back to 17th century and even beyond. It was widely used during era of Ottoman Empire and Pre-Islamic era.

Reverse text could be used for various purposes in our daily life. It can be used to print a reflecting sticker saying ambulance but in reverse text. This is used to notify the drivers who see through back view mirror to move aside and clear the road for ambulance. The reverse text appears justified in back view mirror because of double mirroring.

Reversed letters are also used to transfer printed text and logo through transfer paper which after implementing appears right. It is also used for data encoding. Reverse text can also be used to make children remember spellings of complex words. However, people face difficulty while printing reverse text for further use.

In this article, we will discuss multiple ways to print reverse text. These ways are listed below:

Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is an amazing word processor that is unmatchable to any other word processing software solution. It provides various ways to format and write text. You can write or print text in various fonts and sizes. This makes it an efficient tool for word processing.

It also provides solution for conversion of written text into reverse text style. Here is how you can use Microsoft Word to write or print reverse text. There are two separate methods of doing it. The first one enables you to save the reverse text data in soft form and the other one is only affiliated with printing the text in reverse form.

Let’s take a look at both methods. In the first method, you simply have to insert a text box from inset option in the file. You can choose any type of text box from transparent boundary to styled boundary with colored front. Now, write the text in this box which you want to reverse using Microsoft Word. Make sure to size the inserted text box according to size of the text to make it fully visible in the text box.

Now, choose the format shape option by right clicking on the text box. Choose 3d rotation from the menu and you will see some preference options. Now, see the rotation section and set the X-axis rotation at 180 degrees and there you go text is reversed.

This was the first method; second one is rather easier but can only be used for printing purpose. Choose a file with text and open it with Microsoft Word. Now click options and choose advanced option in the menu. Scroll through and reach the print section on the right side of display. Now tick the boxed option saying print pages in reverse order. Now click okay and exit from the menu. This is how you can use Microsoft Word to write and print reverse text for further use.

Check the Preferences of Your Printer

Many printers have already a preference for reverse text printing. But the problem is, the name of this feature could vary from printer to printer. In some printers it would be named as back print while in other types it would be found as mirror image, flip horizontal, revers, and emulsion down.

You can use this feature to get out put as reverse text. In case, if you don’t find this feature in properties of your printer then don’t worry there is another easy method to get reverse text printed. While providing instructions to printer, go to advanced tab and choose ‘reverse all pages’ option in output options section, this is how you can get reverse text printed easily.

If you are using an old printer and you don’t see anything like those mentioned above than you can apply another to get reverse text as output from printer. Choose the pages option and reverse the order of pages in page range option, such as, if it was set on 1-5 you just have to change it to 5-1 and now you can print reverse text easily using your printer.

Use Reverse text Generator

If you want an easier method to get text written backward then you should try any online reverse text generator. Using Prepostseo reverse text, you can reverse the text of a whole paragraph or an article. You can use any text reverser available online for this purpose.

You just have to copy and paste the text you want to reverse, and the word reverser word reverser would perform its job and write the text backwards. There are plenty of tools available for this purpose, however, we recommend you to use backwards text generator available on prepostseo. In addition to ease of use provided by this tool, there are plenty of other tools related to text which could be used when needed.

Use MS Paint

You can also use Microsoft Paint to reverse letters and here is how. First open the Microsoft paint app, now copy the formatted text in Microsoft paint. Now select the text copied in window of Microsoft paint. Go to the image menu and choose the flip or rotate option from menu.

Now select flip horizontal to reverse the text written in MS paint. Now confirm the action by clicking Okay. Now when the text is reversed, again copy it from the Microsoft paint window and paste it in notepad or Microsoft Word for further use or print.


The reversing of text is not a new thing, it was used ages ago. There are proofs of the use of reversed text in Arabia before the advent of Islam. It was also used during the Ottoman Empire. It still finds many uses in our daily life. It is used for pasting text on fabrics, and wooden pieces through transfer paper, it is also used to write ambulance to make drivers notice the presence of ambulance on road, it can also be used as a fun game and help children in learning spellings of complex words.

We have described some of the ways to print reversed text. We hope you’d find these methods helpful for this purpose.

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